Review: Cathay Pacific First Class Tokyo to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific First Class Cabin Front of the airplane in the nose
Cathay Pacific First Class Cabin

Cathay Pacific First Class 747 HND-HKG March 2016

We are super excited that Cathay Pacific honored the first class tickets. Therefore I thought I would give everyone a preview of what we experienced on our last Cathay first class in March of 2016. We were lucky to catch one of the last flight out of Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Cathay Pacific 747 first class. We also love Haneda because of how close it is to the city.

Our flight was at 10:45 in the morning. We had flown in the night previously into Narita on Japan Airlines first class. Asa result, we transferred from Narita to Haneda using the Limousine Bus and spent the night at Royal Park Hotel. Given our great experience at this hotel, we recommend anyone with a layover stay at this hotel as it is directly in the international terminal. We rolled out of the hotel directly into the terminal around 8am in order to have time to visit the lounge. In the end we visited Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge as well as Japan Airlines First Class lounge given the one world partnership.

Cabin and Seat

Welcome drink and nut mix
Welcome drink and nut mix

We love how professional the service is on most Asian carriers and Cathay Pacific did not disappoint. Upon boarding, we were welcomed with champagne and a nut mix and formal introduction. We were also show our way around the seat and cubbies. I love how large the seats were. While on long haul flights you normally get pajamas, that is not the case for daytime Inter-Asia flights.

The seat is extremely spacious and very comfortable. As you are able to see below Tim and I fit comfortably in the seat. The closet is also spacious and a nice touch.

Tim and I enjoying a glass of Champagne
Tim and I enjoying a glass of Champagne

Great food and excellent service is what really sets Cathay Pacific and Amour de Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2006 champagne was promptly served when we boarded . I was most impressed that even for a short flight of less than five hours we were amazed they would serve a $200 bottle. It is also fantastic that they use real glassware even for their ground service drinks. Once in the air, we were promptly served a drink of our choice with a small snack and a warm towel. Therefore, I stuck with the Champagne. I really loved the personalized note hand written by the crew members thanking us for choosing to fly with Cathay Pacific.

Food & Drink

Sushi Selection

The meal service consisted of two options: Japanese or Western. I chose the the Japanese Meal and started off with a fantastic selection of sushi. Taking off from Tokyo probably helped. After that, we went straight into an appetizer consisting of grilled sea bream with egg, trout with turnip and grilled squid with seaweed. This was accompanied by a simmer prawn, lily bulb, marinated salmon roe and served with Chinese quince wine with soda.

This was follow by a clear soup that consisted of a prawn covered with Yoshino-kudzu starch and a side dish of mixed vegetables with sesame dressing, grilled conger eel and salmon roe.

The main entree consisted of a classic Japanese meal with multiple little yummy treats. Some of these included a grilled Spanish makerel and grilled chicken with leek and miso sauce accompanied by green tea soba noodles and mountain vegetables.

Set Japanese Menu
Set Japanese Menu


Overall, this was a great flight and any opportunity you have to fly Cathay Pacific first class I would take. The food Is excellent and the seat is extremely spacious. in addition, the service is fantastic. I highly recommend you try out the first class lounge in Hong Kong.

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