Claim Your American Express Travel Credit for a Gift Card

Using your American Express Travel Credit

I love the American Express travel credit and for the past couple years have used it to purchase gift cards. In this post I will explain how you too can claim your travel credit with a gift card.

American Express Travel Credit
American Express Airline Fee Credit

The Process

The first thing you have to do is designate which airline you would like for each of your individual American Express credit cards. The following credit cards have an incidental travel reimbursement: American Express Platinum ($200), American Express Gold ($100), and the Hilton Aspire card ($250). This can be accomplished for each card by logging into your American Express Account. Then click on the benefits tab and you will see the airline fee credit section. Here you can pick your airline and as you noticed above I am set to American Airlines.

American Express Travel Credit
American Express Airline Fee Credit Reimbursed

Once you select your airline you will not be able to change it until January so make sure you know which airline you want.


There are some other very important points to remember. The gift card trick seems to only work with Delta, American Airline and Southwest gift cards. Delta seems to only work with $50 increment gift cards while American Airlines will work with $100 gift cards. I have personally tried both of these before. Before using the entire credit, I like to do a $50 trial run to make sure that the credit posts. Once I see that the credit posts I will then do the remaining amounts. Don’t worry about having more than one gift cards as Delta lets you book with three gift cards per ticket and American Airlines allows you to use up to 8 gift cards. Let us know if you were successful with using your credit for gift cards and start planning that next trip.

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