Floret by Cafe Flora SEATAC Airport: Review

Floret By Cafe Flora

Floret by Cafe Flora opened at SEATAC airport around February of 2018. It is part of the airports move away from chain restaurants to more local establishments and I could not agree more with this move. The best part about Floret by Cafe Flora is that it is now part of priority pass. In this post we will discuss exactly what that means and our review of our most recent visit on our way to Melbourne, Australia.

Caesar salad with Capers at Floret by Cafe Flora
Caesar salad with Capers


Floret by Cafe Flora is located in concourse A and right around the corner form the American Express Lounge which is located in concourse B near gate B3. We are big fans of Cafe Flora which is located down the road from where we live in Seattle. As a result of Floret by Cafe Flora becoming a priority pass restaurant, you can now redeemed $28 worth of credit toward food and drink per priority pass user and guests. This does not apply to the take away area. Given that American Express Platinum priority pass give you two guest, you could theoretically get $84 worth of credits, which is a fantastic deal. As you can see below I used my priority pass plus one guest and that took $56 off our bill. Talk about a great deal.

Receipt for Floret By Cafe Flora
Receipt for Floret By Cafe Flora


With respect to the food, you cannot get much better vegetarian than Cafe Flora. The Caesar salad was great and provided just the right of umami flavor with the capers. The vegetable quesadilla was also fantastic and what really made it great was the special snappy sauce of the side. It had just the right amount of smokey zest.

Vegetable Quesadilla at Floret by Cafe Flora
Vegetable Quesadilla

Given the new addition of priority pass they were quite busy and out of several dishes. As a result, Tim got the floret rice bowl with tofu as well as a fried egg on top. He really enjoyed the flavor profile.

Floret Rice Bowl at Floret by Cafe Flora
Floret Rice Bowl

The only dish that we really were not great fans of which was a surprise to us was the Brussel sprouts. The toasted garlic was almost burnt giving the Brussel sprouts a not so great after taste given the sprouts themselves were quite crispy. To add to that the dish was missing some acidity which I think the sheer vinaigrette should have added but they either forgot it or should put more as that really did not come through.

Brussel Sprouts at Floret by Cafe Flora
Brussel Sprouts


If you are SEATAC airport and have a priority pass card, make sure to stop at Floret by Cafe Flora. It is a great deal and even if you didn’t want to get food you could absolutely try out there great cocktail menu. Given that the American Express Centurion lounge has been getting more crowded, it might be a great stop for a meal before your flight. Let us know what you think.

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