United Polaris Lounge

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Polaris Lounge

Seating area in United Polaris Lounge

On our recent trip to Melbourne Australia we had the privilege to check out United’s Polaris lounge at LAX. I’m so happy we took the time to try it out, because this lounge is amazing. I take back everything bad thing I’ve said about United or American carriers not knowing how to present a high end lounge (I’d say flight too, but I haven’t tried the Polaris product yet). Up until visiting the Polaris lounge, I had ranked the American Express Centurion lounge as the gold standard for American Airport lounges, but I think Polaris might take that top spot for me. If you are flying first class on a Star Alliance partner, I highly recommend checking out the Polaris lounge, it blows away the Star Alliance First class lounge.

Entrance to United Polaris
Elevator entrance to United Polaris

About the Lounge

You can get access to this lounge if you’re flying on United Polaris, United Long haul, or flying first class on any Star Alliance parter. The lounge is located in terminal 7 of LAX (as far as you can get from the international lounge). A word of caution if you are flying international first and want to visit the Polaris lounge, the lounge is about a 20-min walk from the international terminal, plan accordingly! Once in terminal 7, you’ll see the United Club, this is not what you’re looking for, look for signs that direct you to the United Polaris Lounge. To access the lounge you need to take the Elevator (or stairs) up to the lounge.

When you get off the elevator, you are greeted by the front desk to check you into the lounge. Following check-in the lounge immediately opens up to a gorgeous lounge with ample seating and great views of the airport. In this sitting area there is also a full bar and private rooms for phone calls, etc. Past the bar is a full buffet of food to grab a quick bite. We opted to stop in their dining area and try their dining menu, spoiler alert it’s delicious. Overall, what caught my eye is how aesthetically pleasing the lounge is designed. The lounge has a minimalistic feel, but uses the right amount of decorations to really bring the full experience (i.e. near the bathrooms, they have twinkling stars overhead to play into the lounge name of the North Star, Polaris).


I love food, so naturally this was my favorite part of the lounge. The dining area offers about ten tables, so there may be a wait if the lounge is busy. The menu isn’t particularly large, but offers a lot of tasty small bites and entrees. We tried the Korean bulgogi arancini, crispy mushroom basket, avocado and burrata tower, and the LA fish and chips. Needless to say everything was delicious and I could have eaten one of everything. The wine and cocktail selection was also on point. Jeff and I love bubbles so naturally we kept the Piper-Heidieck “1785” Cuvée Brut flowing.


To conclude, I absolutely love the United Polaris lounge. I was not United’s biggest fan leading up until this point and was a bit skeptical when we went to visit the lounge. However, United really hit the mark with every part of the lounge experience, a well designed space, great food, and awesome customer service. One of my biggest complaints with American Carriers has been the lack of customer service. I’m not sure if it’s just the staff here or United is finally taking notes from their International counterparts (i.e. Singapore Airlines, ANA, etc), but I was happy to finally receive great customer service. If you have an opportunity to visit the Polaris Lounge, don’t miss it or you’ll regret it!-/

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