Qantas First Class Lounge – Melbourne Airport

Qantas First Class Lounge

Seating in the lounge

When we booked out first class trip on Qantas A380 Melbourne to Singapore, we couldn’t wait to
try the Qantas First Class Lounge at Melbourne International Airport. Immediately after checking
in we made our way to the lounge eager to experience what Qantas has to offer. The lounge is a
little tricky to find (it also didn’t help when we checked in, Qantas staff didn’t give any directions),
it’s located between gates 9 and 11 in terminal 2. You have to take an escalator (or elevator) up
one floor to access the lounge (the Qantas First Class Lounge is directly across from the
Mahabhra lounge).

Lounge Layout

Check in to the lounge was fairly simply, representatives behind the desk scanned our ticket and
welcomed us. The lounge immediately opens to three distinct areas, a sitting area that looks out
onto the runway, a small area with desks to do work, and a dining area to eat. Space is pretty
limited here, if there are multiple flights going out seats may be sparse. The space is designed
well, has comfortable furniture, and great views of the runway. Off to the side is the toilet/shower
area and spa area. Unfortunately for us, the spa was booked out before out flight and we were
unable to try. However, the spa looked very relaxing and enjoyable. My major issue with the
Qantas First Class lounge is the bathroom. They only have three bathrooms (only two were open
during out first due to repairs) and the bathrooms also double as showers. The bathroom itself is
very nice, but when the lounge is busy, two single bathrooms are not very conducive (especially if
someone is using a bathroom as shower).


The one thing I appreciate most about the Qantas First Class Lounge is the dining area (I love to
eat). Most lounges have some variation of a food buffet available for snacks and heavier items,
not Qantas. All food is served via the kitchen and made to order, it’s fantastic. We came during
breakfast and were delighted by a fairly extensive menu. Breakfast runs until noon when it
switches over to the lunch menu. We ordered a chicken club sandwich and bacon, lettuce,
tomato (BLT) with a side of chips (fries). The chicken club was tasty, but drowning in aioli and
could have been scaled back. The chips were pipping hot, fresh, and delicious. The only major
complaint during our dining experience was the service, the server was very friendly, but not
attentive. For example when we ordered our drinks, we ordered one cup of coffee, water, and
one glass of champagne. A few minutes later we were served water and two coffees. The server
came back about 15 minutes later asking if the champagne had come out… Our meal continued
like this, the server seemed genuinely apologetic, we think he may have been new and still


The Qantas First Class lounges ranks amongst some of the top lounges we’ve visited, however
we expected more. To be honest, I liked the United Polaris Lounge more than the Qantas First
Class lounge. Maybe because our expectations were so high for Qantas we set the bar too high.
I think if we had been able to visit the spa and been able to have the full experience we may have
had higher marks for Qantas. That being said, I would be more than happy to visit the Qantas
First Class lounge again!

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