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Contact me at: tim@activetrekker.com

I’m a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut – School of Pharmacy, after graduation I began working for a large retail chain. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with my career and decided to make a change. After doing some serious research into pharmacist opportunities in the Army, I decided to apply and have not looked back since (I’m also happy to say, that I’m much happier with my job now)! While I was applying to the Army, I found there was not a lot of information available for pharmacists (or for most healthcare specialties) about the application process. I decided to dedicate a small part of our blog to sharing my experiences and trying to help others by answering questions about the application process.  You can find the link to my AMEDD blog here or in the categories section of our website.

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Contact me at: jeff@activetrekker.com

My name is Jeffrey and as mentioned by my husband, Timothy, I recently graduated from an Otolaryngology residency and currently in a facial plastics fellowship. Our inspiration for starting this blog is to share with those who want to travel and consider themselves foodies information that is hard to find on the internet based on our personal experience. We hope to provide real information, purged of fluff and misinformation. Along the way we hope to share with you all experiences that broadened our horizons and interested that we are passionate about: food, travel and health. We hope you enjoy and that we instill in you zeal to travel to new places, experiment with new cuisines and embark on a path of healthy living choices.